BEARD BB-00272-Decade-1940s-PB-fishing
The family lived in Alabama while Anson Beard was in the Air Force, stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base. Peter went to Bellinger Hill School in Montgomery, until his mother withdrew him for home schooling.
Attended the Buckley School in New York City from 1945 to 1952.
Beard began keeping diaries, including horse-hair clippings, animal skin, pebbles, bark, insects, bone, mud, blood – anything he found memorable. He also began taking photographs, as an extension of his diaries, with a Voigtlander camera given to him by his grandmother.
Won first prize in a school photo contest with a picture of his dog Charcoal jumping up after a Ruffed Grouse on a high window sill. Beard and his friend, Michael Rockefeller, were joint heads of the Art Department at Buckley, under Mr. Huchins.